Using YouTube to grow your Real-Estate School

Did you know that YouTube® is the second must used search engine?  We typically don’t think of it a a search engine, but it’s true.  Think of how many times you have gone to YouTube for research.   The top brands are using it to connect with today’s consumer and there is no reason your school can’t too.  Not to mention the content greatly helps with SEO.

3 strategies for making the most out of YouTube® for Real-Estate schools: 

1. You have a personality, show the world!

In today’s information economy your customers want to get to know you before committing to spending a week learning from you. Youtube is the perfect channel to introduce your business and instructors through a fun and engaging format. Introduction videos are very easy to make, display your personality and show potential customers you are the thought leader in your industry. Tip- Also add this to your “About Us” section of your website.

2. SEO 

Now that you have invested time into making videos, the most inexpensive way to draw attention is to make sure it ranks high on Google and YouTube.  Here’s How:

  • Research: All great SEO starts with research. Use the Youtube Keyword Tool to find top keywords for your industry.  Remember to think like your customer and what they would be looking for.
  • Title: This is one of the most heavily weighted aspects of your video.  Pay special attention to words you use.  Start with your top keyword phrase, then end with your company name.  For example “How to grow your RE school through video education –
  • Description: The second most weighted aspect.  This section allow for much more content, make sure you have your top keywords as well as all the information about your company so viewer can get to your website.

3. Promote your video elsewhere

Through links and embed, YouTube makes it simple to use your video as much as possible.  Add them to your website and blog and share on social media. Tip: A great way to maximize the content is to create 4-5 updates for each video and share them over time through social media with a link to the full video.

Now that you have mastered Youtube, Ninebricks can help help add an entire video education aspect to your schools education.  We take care of all the logistics and technology, you simply record your class and start growing your reach through video.

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