Engage your RE students beyond the classroom

Engaging your students outside of the classroom.

This week we’d like to look at the idea of engaging students beyond the classroom and how to build a solution to improve student success.

Education is changing and so is our audience.  Students today are now “digital natives”, comfortable with using technology.  We can help you to connect with them.

A strategy for engaging today’s student

  • Accessibility: Make sure your students have access to everything they need, starting with the instructor.  Have a plan for how your students can find anything they need, as well as open communication with you for when they can’t.
  • Community:  Consider engaging with students on social media. This will create open discussions, bring out the shy students, and create a wealth of useful information.  With an active community, you may even find that questions can be solved socially by the “community”.
  • Content: With so many great ways to deliver content, make sure your students have the resources to come to class prepared, and are able to supplement their learning at home.  That extra effort makes all the difference to success.

Online video has proven to be the most engaging and easily accessible for students (it’s no mystery why YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine).  At Ninebricks we make it extremely simple to offer your own review material or full classes through an engaging and attractive video learning platform. (Schedule a demo)

Ultimately there are many practices and strategies that your school can take to increase engagement beyond the classroom, improve student success, and build your school’s brand.  We hope that this provides a simple understanding and basics to build an infrastructure for your students. A business owner cannot be expected to spend too much time on this when they have a business to run, but with a little effort and the right tools the market will reward you.

Need more suggestions for how to improve your online strategy?  Schedule a Call with a representative.

Online education for Real Estate Schools

Online education for Real Estate Schools