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If you’re a student looking for a real estate school to take your prelicensing class from, look no further than While you are there, take a look to find a school that offers an online review course. The pass rate for students taking the real estate prelicensing exam is less than 50%. Don’t be caught unprepared. Go to a school that offers good review tools.

How to keep up with classroom changes in 2018

Everything is going digital. We know that people are constantly on their smartphones, tablets, iPads, and laptops digitally connected. People are gravitating towards online options for most everyday things which also includes learning.

Studies have shown that the younger generation of students seeking their real estate pre-license certification average ages has dropped from mid-30s to mid to late 20s. And it is now important to keep up with the trend. If students are used to learning through digital platforms like video courses online, it is important that real estate instructors keep up with this changing demand for digitally ready content.

Additionally, it has been found that approximately 55% of real estate continuing education courses that are taken nationally was done online. And we expect this percentage to continue to grow. Therefore in order to keep up with the changing market, instructors must adjust to the way students prefer to learn.

How can this be done?

Teachers tend to teach the way they learn. Now the market is demanding for teachers to teach the way students want to learn.

Below are some changes real estate instructors can make to keep up with the classroom changes in 2018:

  1. Offer exam prep courses online to accompany your in-class course. The digital movement does not mean that the in-classroom experience is extinct. What instructors can do to enhance the classroom is to offer a digital class companion that helps emphasize key concepts and theories through a pre-recorded and offered online. That way students are able to access at any time.
  2. Offer your pre-licensing courses online. With several sources available including Ninebricks, you can more easily scale your business offering by expanding your reach. Not everyone is able to make it to a class or specific location. So why not give students who are interested in obtaining their real estate license an extra option of taking your course online.
  3. Offer continuing education courses online for credit. As a busy real estate agent, being able to take the necessary courses to maintain an active license in an easy and convenient way is always helpful solution. Taking the courses at the agent’s own schedule and pace also helps as they juggle between house showings and meetings. So why not bring the course to the them.
  4. Stay open-minded. Offering your courses on a digital platform can help you scale your teaching business. As an in-classroom instructor, you only have capacity to teach so many students at one time. Why not amplify your reach by offering various courses digitally and reach those students who otherwise would have never been able to travel to your classroom.

Change is not always easy but being left behind is even worse. Make sure you keep your real estate education business on the forefront of the curve by meeting your students needs. If the trending demand is offering your courses via digitally, make sure you capture this opportunity and set yourself and business up for this.

So what is next? If you are looking for a technology platform to help you provide these digital options in your teaching business, you can explore what Ninebricks can do for you.

How online learning helps the classroom

Learning in a classroom environment has both its advantages and disadvantages. Being able to ask questions live and learn from other students’ can help open the students’ mind and accelerate the learning process. However, being able to absorb everything taught in the timespan of the class can be quite a challenge. Everybody learns differently and at their own pace.

On the other hand, learning completely online presents its own challenges. Being able to comprehend and manipulate the concepts by yourself means the responsibility to prepare yourself lies completely with you. Some students need an extra push to help keep them on track.

In preparing for the real estate licensing exams, leveraging the benefits of both can significantly increase success rate by as much as 5x.  As a real estate instructor, you can stack the odds in your students’ favor by not only teaching and sharing your insight in the classroom, but providing online tools like what Ninebricks offers that can help support the learning experience outside the classroom. Students should be able to openly ask questions and discuss concepts in class and have the same information be reiterated with review videos and materials you customize and supply online.

The digital review materials can be referenced at the students’ own time and follow at their own pace. If there is a concept that the student just could not grasp during class, having digital review to accompany the course can help reinforce and clarify the concept. The best is being able to learn at your own pace. Not all people learn the same way so digital tools such as Ninebricks online review is customized by the real estate instructor to review all the relevant and important concepts.

Also, all the review concepts are on-demand to review what you need when you need it. In fact, students can even rewatch and reread all the chapters that you need more time to study as many times and as frequently as students need.

Additionally, having extra online review courses are much more cost effective than hiring a private tutor. Having video reviews that are created by the real estate instructor can be seen as the student’s own personal tutor. A much more cost effective way to reinforce important concepts.

Finally, students can avoid the extra commute time when they can watch from the convenience of your home. No more time wasted stuck in traffic going cross-town just to meet private tutors or study groups. Everything can be accessed online, including group discussion boards with other students. The convenience of having extra support in the learning process in addition to the time savings of having to travel to a specific location means more time left for students to spend studying.

So why not leverage online review tools to help accelerate your students’ learning and increase exam pass rates? The convenience and cost benefits outweigh the possibility of not passing the real estate exam. Motivated students truly value having additional study materials to support their learning efforts to increase their chances of being successful. Overall, online can help reinforce and accelerate student learning outside the classroom.

5 ways instructors can help students outside the classroom

Student success is the number one motivation most instructors have. It reflects on the teacher’s ability to clearly communicate concepts and show how to apply principles, theories, and ideas. However, the learning experience is a two-way street. The success of a student is also equally dependent upon the student’s effort in putting into the learning process.

We know instructors always strive to do whatever they can to ensure their student success. But we also know instructors are not always there to provide the guidance or answer questions as needed. Hence, we share 5 ways instructors can help their students outside the classroom:

  1. Set small goals. Having a big goal can be daunting. From the student’s point of view, it can be such an impossible task that they do not even know where to start. This is where instructors can help by starting to set milestones. Start off with small achievable goals. We know taking on a big challenge like starting a career in real estate is intimidating, so it is important for anyone to gain confidence with small wins. More small wins can lead to an increasingly bigger win. Instructors can help be the guiding post for students as they try to navigate their way to becoming a real estate agent. Instructors have been there before. Why not share the lay of the land, what to watch out for, what to focus on, and what not to waste time worrying about. This will help students avoid any pitfalls that could cost them time and money.
  2. Provide useful tools. Going on a journey to conquer a goal like passing a real estate exam requires resources and tools. Instructors can add more value by providing the most effective ways to help achieve their small wins. For example, real estate instructors can leverage the Ninebricks platform where students can access additional review material that enhances what they already learned in class.. Oftentimes there isn’t enough time to go into every concept in detail and other times students want to review specific concepts again in more detail. Ninebricks allows instructors to customize review materials with their unique video recordings.
  3. Communicate openly. Being able to build trust and openly communicate with students are highly valued. People appreciate honesty and will more likely be honest back when they feel they can trust the information and guidance instructors are providing. Students want to know where they should focus and what is a waste of time. Open communication is one of the key pillars to a successful instructor-student relationship and is valued by everyone.
  4. Make yourself available. We are in the days of smartphones so instant access is what students are used to. Students really appreciate the ability to openly communicate with their instructors to ask questions and clarify concepts they may be reviewing. Being available is highly recommended and a big value-add to students. Something simple as having a group chat or Facebook messaging availability not only is helpful for students but is very impactful to their learning experience.
  5. Provide examples of success. Not everyone has the same definition of success but it does help to have an idea of what this could look like. As an instructor, helping students understand the various ways they can be successful can provide further clarity on defining goals. Once students achieve their goal of passing their real estate licensing exam, what can they do with it. They may want to go into real estate investment, become a broker, or be the best agent in their area. The possibilities are great and having somebody with the insight to provide those possibilities can help influence and shape their real estate future.

Even though instructors cannot be with the students throughout their learning journey, they can employ several best practices to ensure the success of their students. Ninebricks aims to provide teachers the tools to help their students achieve success in their learning journey and career.

Online education for Real Estate Schools

Five students who did not pass the Florida Real Estate Exam the first time


We know that month after month, less than 50% of students pass the Florida Real Estate Exam. What are the reasons that students don’t pass the exam on their first try? Let’s take a look at a few common scenarios.


Susie is getting her real estate license. She is a traditional student and comes into class the first day. She doesn’t know anybody there, and doesn’t quite understand something. A lot of her classmates didn’t understand it either, but they either didn’t know they didn’t understand it, or were hoping that somebody else would ask. Getting no feedback from the class, you move on to the next topic.

Would Susie benefit from having online review material?

Yes. With online review material, Susie can go back home, work on some practice questions, and if she misses them, now she knows that she should review the material. And, now she understands what you meant. She can ask her classmates questions. She can answer her classmates questions from her home. Just like on Facebook. Her teacher sees that there were some questions that came up, and goes over it again in class the next day. Now Susie, and all of her classmates “get it”. On to chapter 2.


Scott is getting his real estate license. He doesn’t have time to go to class, he is a busy guy with better things to do. So he purchases an online class from you. Scott skims through chapter one, answers the end of the chapter questions, and just barely answers them. He starts to realize that this isn’t much fun, and goes to work on other things for a few months. Then, a few months later, he hurries through the entire material so he can finish up. He guesses through the answers, and finishes. Did he pass the state exam? If he even bothered to go take it, you already know that he didn’t.

Would Scott benefit from having online review material?

Yes. With online review material, as soon as Scott realized that he wasn’t really understanding the online class, he could switch over to see how you would have taught him the material. Sure, it’s not the same as being in class, but when Scott is ready to take his 45 hour post-licensing class, who do you think he’ll go to? That’s right: you.


Jenny doesn’t speak or even read english that well. She didn’t grow up here. She has an electronic translation dictionary she brings with her everywhere. She hardly understands every third word you’re saying in class, but, there’s only so much you can do about that. She takes the state exam about 12 times, did she pass? Not yet.

Would Jenny benefit from having online review material?

Yes. With online review material, Jenny can review the material again at her own pace, as many times as she needs. She can keep up with the class by working harder than everybody else, to overcome her language issues.


Jerry hates math. He just barely got out of high school with the minimum number of classes required. His dad always told him to just focus. He’s just not a math person. He takes the state exam, sees a math question and shuts it out. He gets a 0 out of 10 on the math questions, and fails by 10 points.

Would Jerry benefit from having online review material?

Yes. With online review material, Jerry can specifically focus on subjects he struggles with. He can work through practice math questions until he gets it. We’re not asking him to prove Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Just some prorations, and other things he should understand as an agent. With some work, he can get this, but he needs private tutoring that he can’t afford, and more time than you have to spend on the topic in class.


Karen did fine in a traditional class. She followed through chapter by chapter, did all of the assignments, and passed the class test with a good score. But, when she got to the state exam, she found that they asked all of the questions in a different way. Sometimes she missed the question because she didn’t read it carefully enough. Other times, she missed the question because they asked it in a different way than it was discussed in the textbook. If they had only asked it on the state exam the same way they ask it in the textbook, she would have been fine.

Would Karen benefit from having online review material?

Yes! With online review material, Karen can go through the material again in a rapid manner. She’s already been through the class, she mostly knows it, but, she doesn’t quite know it that well yet. It’s a lot of material. She needs to review. The state exam asks things differently to see how well she knows it. We can’t give her all of the questions on the state exam for her to study so that she won’t be surprised or confused. And reading things carefully will be an important skill for her as a professional who represents buyers and sellers in negotiation. Reviewing and studying helps her to really get it, so that she can answer the question no matter how the exam words it.


Knowing the material is the best way to pass the state exam. How many students do you have that fit the above descriptions? How many of them are falling through the cracks, or just taking the exam multiple times guessing until they pass by luck? Makes me nervous.

Of the students that don’t pass the state exam the first time, we would venture to say that the majority of them would fall under one of these reasons. Sure, you occasionally get the student who really is in the class for the wrong reasons. Perhaps that student will eventually grow up. Perhaps this just isn’t the right career for him, I certainly couldn’t tell you which it is.

But for everybody that is coming to you to start their career, the knowledge that you’re teaching them is the foundation upon which their professional career is built. Helping a student to pass the exam with confidence in their knowledge means that more of them will feel that they’ve gotten value from you as their instructor, that you have prepared them for this first step into their careers, and will refer their friends to you and be back for more of your courses. It’s good for the industry. It’s good for your business.

At Ninebricks, we’d like to see more people passing the exam on their first try, wouldn’t you?

Ready to talk about how we can help you make this happen?

Online education for Real Estate Schools

Online education for Real Estate Schools

Recording styles for your online class

Ready to start recording, but don’t know how you want your video to look? Take a look at a few examples for inspiration.

Neutral background

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.10.26 PM

In office

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.12.17 PM

Studio environment, using a TV for multimedia presentation

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.13.22 PM

Outdoor or on site

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.17.06 PM

Interview style

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.17.24 PM

Dark background, cut over to powerpoint presentation

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.19.36 PM

Green screen with multimedia overlay

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.22.09 PM

In classroom, chalkboard presentation

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.29.20 PM

How would you like for your online class to look? Let’s talk about how to make it happen.

Online education for Real Estate Schools

Getting online schools right

At first glance, it seems like there are a lot of real estate schools out there offering an online classroom.  However, upon closer inspection, we believe that there’s not actually a lot of choice – at least not the right kind of choice.  Most schools out there are offering a product that actually doesn’t do a great job of preparing students for the real estate exam offered by the State of Florida.  We know that only half of students taking the Florida real estate prelicensing exam pass it – we believe that quality instruction makes a difference.

What should you look for in an online classroom?  We think that there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Who’s teaching the class?

Taking a look at most real estate schools out there, you’ll notice that there’s actually nobody teaching them.  Should students be expected to learn simply from reading a wall of text and paying for this privilege?  We think that it should be clear to a student that they’ll be learning from an experienced instructor.

How does the class use technology to improve understanding?

When you’re in the classroom, students and instructors have the opportunity to get and give feedback to each other.  We think that great online classes can do the same thing by constantly engaging the student through doing short comprehension questions at regular times to gauge understanding regularly before students get to the final exam.  A great online classroom should give the student a chance to interact both with the instructor as well as with each other.

We’ll be coming back to this topic more in the future, but we believe that a great classroom starts with a great teacher who is focused on student understanding, and that that translates whether it’s on location or online.