How to keep up with classroom changes in 2018

Everything is going digital. We know that people are constantly on their smartphones, tablets, iPads, and laptops digitally connected. People are gravitating towards online options for most everyday things which also includes learning.

Studies have shown that the younger generation of students seeking their real estate pre-license certification average ages has dropped from mid-30s to mid to late 20s. And it is now important to keep up with the trend. If students are used to learning through digital platforms like video courses online, it is important that real estate instructors keep up with this changing demand for digitally ready content.

Additionally, it has been found that approximately 55% of real estate continuing education courses that are taken nationally was done online. And we expect this percentage to continue to grow. Therefore in order to keep up with the changing market, instructors must adjust to the way students prefer to learn.

How can this be done?

Teachers tend to teach the way they learn. Now the market is demanding for teachers to teach the way students want to learn.

Below are some changes real estate instructors can make to keep up with the classroom changes in 2018:

  1. Offer exam prep courses online to accompany your in-class course. The digital movement does not mean that the in-classroom experience is extinct. What instructors can do to enhance the classroom is to offer a digital class companion that helps emphasize key concepts and theories through a pre-recorded and offered online. That way students are able to access at any time.
  2. Offer your pre-licensing courses online. With several sources available including Ninebricks, you can more easily scale your business offering by expanding your reach. Not everyone is able to make it to a class or specific location. So why not give students who are interested in obtaining their real estate license an extra option of taking your course online.
  3. Offer continuing education courses online for credit. As a busy real estate agent, being able to take the necessary courses to maintain an active license in an easy and convenient way is always helpful solution. Taking the courses at the agent’s own schedule and pace also helps as they juggle between house showings and meetings. So why not bring the course to the them.
  4. Stay open-minded. Offering your courses on a digital platform can help you scale your teaching business. As an in-classroom instructor, you only have capacity to teach so many students at one time. Why not amplify your reach by offering various courses digitally and reach those students who otherwise would have never been able to travel to your classroom.

Change is not always easy but being left behind is even worse. Make sure you keep your real estate education business on the forefront of the curve by meeting your students needs. If the trending demand is offering your courses via digitally, make sure you capture this opportunity and set yourself and business up for this.

So what is next? If you are looking for a technology platform to help you provide these digital options in your teaching business, you can explore what Ninebricks can do for you.

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