Is a 100% pass rate possible?


What would it take to get a 100% pass rate?

We say it here, day in and day out, the best way to pass the Florida Real Estate Licensing exam is to understand the material. Why don’t all students understand the material?

How about if you offered unlimited 1-on-1 private tutoring to every one of your students? That should do it right?

I know, this is impossible. Nobody has unlimited resources of time or money to make that happen. You don’t have enough hours in the day. You already offer private tutoring and not a lot of students take it. Even if you offered it for free, which makes no sense, there would still be students who wouldn’t take it. They were simply unmotivated to learn the material so that they could pass the exam. But is every student who doesn’t pass the state exam the first time they take it an unmotivated student?

Students have to invest time or money if they are going to understand the material. They need to have the desire to learn the material. Private tutoring is an option, but it’s expensive, as it should be. It costs a lot of your time, and that needs to be paid for.

The creator of the Khan Academy website has an interesting idea. He made a website full of videos covering topics that students need to learn from Kindergarten – University level. You can hear him talk about his ideas regarding how to teach for mastery here.

He talks about a lot of things, but what I find interesting is the idea of using technology to allow students to master the topic. Technology costs money, but, it does a great job of freeing up your time.

What if we used technology like it was a private tutor. Who would be the best person to tutor your students?

How many more of your students would pass if Khan Academy could use their technology to be like a private tutor for your students?

How many more of your students would pass if you could use our technology to be a private tutor to each of your students?

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