Matching your students learning styles with online classes


There are all kinds of students that come to you.

Some of them you hardly have to tell them once and they’ve got what you’re saying. These people will take whatever you throw at them, digest it, and then respond correctly back at any question you can throw at them. Others would benefit from more repetition, having the material broken up into smaller pieces and being more methodical.

Some students are good at math. Some are good at verbal comprehension. Some are good at both. Some are not particularly good at either.

Some students jump at the opportunity to ask questions. Others wait for their fellow classmates to do the asking.

Some are afraid to clarify if you say something that doesn’t make sense to them. Some will challenge you as if they were arguing a case before the Supreme Court.

Some have reviewed the material the night before, had a good breakfast, and are ready to go. Others didn’t get enough sleep and are thinking about other things.

Some have advanced degrees and have completed graduate school. Others just barely got their GED.

Some students prefer to figure things out on their own. Others prefer you to tell them how to do it.

You never know, from class to class, what sorts of students you will have. But no matter what kind of student is in your class, they all benefit from learning together, and online review classes can help you and help them.

It allows them to go through the material at exactly the pace they need to, whether that’s fast or slow. Whether that’s once, or ten times.

It allows them to answer questions and get instant feedback. It allows them to watch the material again if they don’t get it right, and improves their confidence in their knowledge when they do get it right.

It allows them to collaborate with their fellow classmates, to ask questions, or to try to explain what they believe to be true.

It allows you to understand the challenges your individual students are facing, and to tailor your class to your students needs.

Isn’t that amazing? We think so. Call us today at 407-982-7940.

Online education for Real Estate Schools

Online education for Real Estate Schools

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